REVIEW: No Bull Burgers

No Bull Burgers on Kingston Rd & Bingham Ave, close to Victoria Park Ave.When craving a good burger recently, I opted to take the family out to try a local joint called No Bull Burgers out for a few reasons.

First, when looking up their menu ahead of time I noticed they offer gluten-free buns (for a $1.25 surcharge) — this meant our GF daughter could enjoy a burger along with the rest of us. Two, they use locally-sourced organic extra lean ground beef with no additives, preservatives or fillers, and I’m happy to pay a small premium for that as well. Third, they looked to be only a 5 minute drive away on Kingston Rd close to Victoria Park ave, an area we never seem to venture out to for some reason! Let’s give it a shot :)

The restaurant is a small but cheerful little space that seemed to do a brisk business of both the eat-in & pick up variety on a Monday evening. My son and I chose the standard quarter pound burgers and added bacon (your choice of peameal or strip) plus toppings of our choice.

Gluten-free buns available Oh yes, let’s talk toppings for a second before I forget. How nice to find such a bit of variety that move beyond the standard lettuce/tomato/ketchup/onion you usually see. Chiptotle mayo, tzatziki, cucumbers, salsa, pineapple (I won’t judge you), sautéed mushrooms or onions and more — the only additional costs were for either guacamole or an egg ($1) or grilled cheese buns (2.95).

Serena ordered the GF bun, and the counter staff was conscientious enough to check if it was okay to run the bun through the toaster. For those who are celiac and can’t risk cross-contamination with gluten, this can be a very big deal — I appreciated her asking!

Specialty burger, the Redneck

Brent always needs to go for something a little different, so he went for the Redneck signature burger: quarter pounder, Swiss and cheddar cheeses, beer battered peameal bacon rolled in chips topped with lettuce, tomato and whiskey BBQ sauce. Okay then!

Add a couple of soft drink, one side order of yukon gold fresh cut fries and a pulled pork poutine and we were in business. We were served about 5 minutes later and no one had the single complain about their food… unless it was to say they were too full to finish everything. The french fries were lightly salted, perfectly crisp and generously sized (could easily feed two).

The poutine was ridiculously delicious but honestly was almost too big for us, even when split 3 ways! The cheese curds were fresh and perfectly squeaky, gravy was rich and flavourful and the pulled pork topping was nicely tender without being overpowering.

Pulled Pork poutine A few additional remarks off the top of my head: they also offer a quinoa & veggie burger and vegetarian gravy for the fries/poutine, there’s free Wi-fi, Kawartha Dairy ice cream milk shakes, and they participate in the Vicinity rewards program. the counter staff were friendly and automatically adjusted my order to combine items into combos to help save me some money without my noticing it. Oh yes, and if you’re in downtown Toronto, they also have a location on Parliament St!

Next time (oh yes, there WILL be a next time) I’m excited to try the smoked beef brisket and their homemade potato chips available in cajun, parmesan and sea salt. Yum!  Until then….


No Bull Burgers
1019 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M4E 3T9