About Caroline

20130713-071500.jpgIs this the obligatory page where one needs to write about herself?

It is?

Well okay, then!

Let me introduce myself to you lovely folks: my name is Caroline and I’m gloriously and shamelessly addicted to the joy of food in all its many permutations.

I’ve always been that girl more interested in taking pictures of her food than anything else. If I scroll through the tens of thousands of pictures there are on my computer, a disproportionate amount of them will have been of things I have eaten. And this behaviour predates the digital age as well! Remember back when we had to buy actual rolls of film for our cameras, and not just snap away willy nilly with phones and the like? Yeah, I was happily spending money to memorialize meals savoured and shared. I even have entire scrapbook pages devoted to them, if that helps give you a better sense of how I’ve always been.

I’m super happy to just be left alone in my kitchen, puttering with new recipes or tweaking old favourites. I’m equally fond of cooking as I am baking, although I admit to working harder in recent years to be more healthful in what I prepare. This means little changes such as subbing in cocount palm sugar for the white stuff, maybe figuring out where I can add a nutritional boost with hemp hearts or ground flax. You know, sneaky things like that!

Through working with my naturopath (the fabulous Dr Lisa Weeks) I’ve learnt that a sensitivity to both dairy and soy products leave me feeling pretty yucky so I now take care to avoid them both. One of the benefits this has unexpectedly brought me is a special appreciation of vegan baking, where amazing things can still be wrought without butter or cream… I‘m looking at you, Tori’s Bakeshop!

20130713-071531.jpgI live in the East end of Toronto with my little family of humans and animals, doing my best to keep them happily fed as well.

My husband Brent has long been deemed the “Garbage Can”, because you can always push your unfinished plate of food to him and he’ll polish it off. He’s a fabulous person to cook for or take with you out to dinner, because he’s up to try most anything and there are so few foods he actually dislikes. Just don’t feed him cilantro. That stuff tastes like soapy garbage as far as he’s concerned.

My two kidlets Serena and Morgan aren’t exactly the most adventurous of eaters but both are great sports and usually willing to at least try something out. Be aware though that once you hear the dreaded words, “It’s not to my taste” come out of their mouths, you’re out of luck.

If I had my druthers, I’d eat out way more that I do…and not because I don’t love cooking, because I very much do. It’s so much more about experiencing the infinite varieties of ways that flavours and textures, ingredients and styles can be combined. I want to try them all.