REVIEW: Pho Metro Asian Cuisine

Shiny happy people hungryWhen we wandered down Lawrence Ave East just past Warden, we found ourselves stopping at an unassuming little Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in a nondescript Scarborough plaza. This was the perfect casual store-front joint to come in out from the cold, where a good smattering of families, couples and singles were already happily slurping up their phō soup and sharing noodle dishes.

Have a seat: your table has most everything you’ll need already set up for you! There’s a pen & order chit to mark down your food and beverage selections, chopsticks, napkins and soup spoons, plus of course Sriracha and a variety of condiments. Chicken pho with extrasBetween the three of us we ordered both small chicken and beef brisket phō bowls as well as an appetizer to split of rice paper rolls with pork, vermicelli and veggies. Green tea was brought almost immediately by our server without any additional cost.

The soups came out quickly and were just about perfect, a lovely marriage of clear broth, meat and rice noodles. They were accompanied by a generous side plate of bean spouts, lime wedges, long coriander and basil leaves to add to our soups as desired.

beef brisket phoI was grateful that the server who took our order recommended I not stick to the skirt flank I’d originally marked down; she opined I might find it “chewy” and to order the brisket instead. Glad to have followed her advice, because the beef was tender and flavourful. I’d read ahead of time that the soup servings ran large and that was indeed the case. I’m glad I didn’t go for medium or large, because those bowls were BIG! Then again, for the small price difference we could have just brought the leftovers home, so I’ll be smart and keep that in mind for the next time.

rice wrapsOur large size order of rice rolls came next, and they were very filling. Unlike deep fried spring rolls, these are cold and filled with juicy BBQd pork, vegetables and vermicelli noodles with a peanut dipping sauce. My gluten-sensitive daughter was thrilled to try something different and consequently claimed all the leftovers to bring to school for lunch the next day. If pork isn’t your thing, they’re also available with chicken, beef or a shrimp/pork combo.

Granted, we came here specifically for the phō that evening but you’ll find a large variety of dishes available on the menu, plenty of noodle and rice dishes, soups, stir fries, the ubiquitous Pad Thai that shows up in all oriental restaurants and even chow mein if that’s your thing.

For drinks, you’ll find the usual pop, tea, wine & beer but they also offer more interesting selections such as bubble teas, numerous smoothies such as jackfruit, red bean and avocado, and fruit juices like fresh passion fruit, lime and even Pennywort. I’m not sure if i should be scared or impressed! :)

FYI, if you live even further east than Scarborough, they also have a location in Ajax.

Pho Metro Asian Cuisine
2057 Lawrence Ave E
416-750-8898 (dine-in and take-out available)